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  • Which plates are road legal?
    Road legal plates: Please refer to the categories in the shop. Numberplates are only road legal when adding the British Standard Road Legal Markings.
  • Are tinted plates legal?
    Tinted plates are not road legal as these style of number plates are not issued with the British Standard Road Legal Markings. These are considered as show plates and may still be purchased.
  • How much space can i have between letters?
    For road legal plates spacing must match the legal supporting documents. If spacing is altered this makes the plate a show plate and the British Standard Road Markings cannot be applied, however we can still make these as show plates. We do not produce plates with half spaces.
  • When will i receive my order?
    Whilst we endeavour to get every order dispatched asap please understand that each individual numberplate is personalised and made to order, for this reason we ask that you allow up to 5 working days for your order to be processed once added to our production line. All orders are manufactured directly but please allow for busy periods. If your order is taking longer than usual we will contact you. Upon dispatch you will receive a confirmation shipping email. If your order hasnt arrived after 10 working days please contact us with your order number and we can supply your tracking details.
  • What is a legal plate and show plate?
    A number plate is conisdered as road legal when it is issued with the british standard road legal markings ( BS AU 145d and supplier postcode) this cannot be applied to tinted number plates, show plates, any plates that have addition writing or registrations that do not match the certificate. If you are purchasing a road legal number plate please specify if you would like the britsh standard road legal marking by selecing the option in the drop down menu. Numberplates cannot have a legal mark as well as additional writing.

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