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                           Stand Out From The Rest!

Our wide range of numberplates are the just the finishing touch your car needs, super smart and super sleek. All styles are issued with front and rear plates unless otherwise stated.

At numberplatesRus we only use premium quality 3D gel letters. All 4D laser letters are cut to the highest spec. Our 4D Laser plates are distinctive with their glossy and superior sharp fine finish. All letters are sealed tight with the finest adhesive allowing us to offer warranty on all of our numberplates. 


Our range of road legal plates are 100% road worthy and MOT friendly when accompanied alongside the British standard road legal mark.

Numberplatesrus is a DVLA registered company and therefore ask for legal documents for every order. Numberplates will NOT be produced without receipt of legal documentation and will delay your order.

How It Works...

1. Place your order. Orders after 10pm will be processed the following day.

2. Send your TWO legal documents.

3. Order gets added to the production line on review of your documents. The quicker we receive your documents the quicker the process.

4. Numberplate manufactured.

5. Quality checked and polished to perfection.

6. Securely packaged and dispatched.

7. Check your inbox for a confirmation shipping email.

8. Once your receive your new plates take a pic and tag us on Instagram @numberplatesrus @numberplatesrusshop


Opening hours: Mon- Fri 9am-5pm.

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